Meditative Hatha Yoga
 Yoga- Meditación- Masaje
 Maria Bersin
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This includes the traditional techniques of Hatha-Yoga such as the asanas (body postures/ stretches), pranayama (direction of energy through breathing), mudras (energizing hand gestures), relaxation and meditation. Special importance is given to the undulating movements of the spinal column (the main energy channel) and to the fluid and meditative changes between postures.

Hatha Yoga Med. 1

Regular practice of Meditative Hatha-Yoga helps to:

*develop attention and awareness of the body, the mind and the breath.

*stretch and strengthen the body.

* improve breathing.

* stimulate the hormon and immune system.

* dissolve tensions and internal blockages.

* maintain mental flexibility.

* increase vitality, happiness and serenity.

* better the flow of vital energy in the body.

* balance the body, mind and emotions.

* experience profound physical and mental relaxation.

Hatha Yoga Med. 2

The physical, energetic exercise prepares us for a final meditation where we direct the attention within and our thoughts become calm. We become aware of the here and now, the silence of the heart - the true nature of our being can then unfold

Meditative Hatha-Yoga is a meditation in movement which creates a space within which to heal.